During the 3th Day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York there was one of my favorite brand: Herve Leger which introduce a new concept of dresses different to the classic style we are used to see. My collaborator and friend Ed assisted also to  Ruffian, Jill Stuart, Mara Hofmann and Lacoste Fashion Show. With this special post I will show you my favorite looks of each brands and also I will tell you the look I didn’t like about their collection. This is for sure my personal opinion and you can be agree or disagree  and you are free to tell me your opinion by leaving a comment below this post. Let’s start with my favorite HERVE LEGER by MAX AZIRA:


This are my two favorites looks of Herve Leger by Max Azria Collection. I really like the innovative style of this new collection compare of the previous year. I really like the first dress because with the black decoration he make a classic dress completely special with much more creativity. I really like also the second look because for the first time he use a leather combination that make the look more sexy and different then usual. The look below is the one I didn’t liked.

Herve Leger RS14 6347

This is the look I liked the worst during the Herve Leger fashion show because it has no shape and is not enough feminine for my point of view.

You can see the photos I personaly took at Herve Leger Fashion show last year HERE and the year before HERE. So you can see by yourself the different and the evolution of Herve Leger trough the years and compare it with the new collection.


ruffian SS14

Ruffian collection this year propose a casual and chic collection by matching orange silk pants or skirt with flowers prints or black & Withe checks. The collection is simple but at the same time elegant and feminine.

Ruffian RS14 1185

This is the only look I didn’t like about the Ruffians collections because this look seems more like a noon costume that a dress. Are you agree with me?


Jill Stuart RS14 0118

Withe & geometric, purity & creativity, a wonderful mix for a simply dress with a twist!

Jill Stuart RS14 0214

I also like this sexy little black dress by Jill Stuart in revenge I dint0 like the look below.

Jill Stuart RS14 0061

I didn’t like this look because I didn’t understand the sense by go out with underwear? Strange right?


Hofmann SS14

The LARA HOFMANN COLLECTION Was in a very Hippie mood, long dress, very colorful in a very woodstock style.


The Lacoste collection was absolutely Not nice, to not say “ugly” the dresses seems like nurses.

lacoste SS14

photos credit Fashion Wire Press FWP Runway Photos

Official link of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Article written by Valentina Nessi – Editor in Chief

If you missed the previous post click the link below_




Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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