Hollywood Girls by the pool

hollywood_girls_pool_party 01

Hello my dear readers, sorry If I didn’t post for a while on the blog but I was very busy for a little while because I was involve in a new project, not really about fashion but still fashionable. I took part for few days in Hollywood, Los Angeles in a French TV Series called “Hollywood Girls”.

This was my first day on Set to film one of the Episode by the pool of a fabulous Mansion in the very top of the Hollywood Hills, the view was absolutely amazing, I can not lie to you that I really enjoy my stay, even If I was working almost every day I could enjoy every moment of this new experience, plus all the team of the production was very nice.

Well this was my first Day by the pool where I was wearing a pink bikini by Pain de Sucre for vfashionworld, Zara pink wedges and my new jewelry collection.

hollywood_girls_paindesucre_bikini_vfashionworld 01

hollywood_girls_paindesucre_vfashionworld 02

hollywood_sexy_girls_3 04

hollywood_girls_3 05

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hollywood_girls_3 08-onset

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hollywood_girls_3 10

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hollywood_girls_3 14 hollywood_girls_3 15

hollywood_girls_3 16

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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