Forever 21 in Los Angeles

california-dream 01

Why forever 21 in LA? Because the very first time I came to visit the city of Angles I was 21 and it was just few years ago and every time I saw at this photos I have the most beautiful and also amazing memories, I had the best and the craziest time ever in my life. I came here for one month to improve my english and once here I fall in love with…everything, especially the freedom style of this city life. Well my experience here was absolutely amazing that’s why I would like to share with you guys this photos because are one of the most beautiful memories of part of my life. Now that I’m back to LA I feel like when I was 21, seems that time never passed even if many things are changed a lot… follow all the insta-news on instagram @valentinanessi

california-dream 02

california-dream 03

california-dream 04

california-dream 05

california-dream 06

california-dream 07

california-dream 08

california-dream 09

california-dream-hollywood-girl 10

california-dream 11

california-dream-playboy-mansion 11

california-dream-newport-beach 12

california-dream 12

california-dream 13

california-dream 14

california-dream 15

california-dream 16

california-dream 17

california-dream 18

california-dream 19

california-dream 20

california-dream 21

california-dream 22

california-dream 23

california-dream 24

california-dream 25

california-dream 26

california-dream 27

california-dream 28

california-dream 29

california-dream 30

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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