TIO – Per la blogger fashion blogger ticinese colpaccio sotto il Big Ben – April 2013


The official video of the interview:

Valentina Nessi interviewed the international fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. She tells all the background of the meeting.

LONDON / LUGANO – She travels around the world of high fashion. And between one and the other the fashion events happens also to meet very important people. Mythical. The fashion blogger  from Ticino Valentina Nessi this time has really placed a big scoop, interviewing a none other than Vivienne Westwood, international fashion designer. “A  rebel and extravagant woman – says Valentina – a person who often use fashion to launches socio-environmental or socio-economic arguments.”

The fateful meeting with Vivienne Westwood took place in the shadow of Big Ben, during the London fashion week. Valentina is elated: “I have always been impressed by the personality and creativity of Vivienne. Over the years, I felt the desire to know her better and have a conversation with her. What strikes me and I really admire about her is her courage to express herself through fashion. She is a pioneer woman who creates new styles and uses fashion to communicate, as in this case the ‘climate revolution’. ”
What Valentina likes about Vivienne Westwood style is above her appearance. “It is extremely extravagant. Her look is very crazy, her behavior has always been outside the box. Now that I have known personally I noticed a very feminine, refined and gentle. I did not expect that! “Valentina says she has found in Vivienne Westwood also great simplicity. “I went directly to her backstage and I kindly asked to do a short interview for my web-magazine, although I was not in the list of official interviews as Vogue, Elle, Fashion TV … I really appreciated his willingness, she is an extremely sweet person. ”

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