London Fashion Week Day 5



My last day of London fashion week I woke up very late, I started to pack my luggages and then in the late afternoon I went to see the last fashion show, Haizhen Wang show that took place at the Somerset House. As all my previous outfits, I chose to wear a british look or at least a british twist to my look. This time I opted for black leggins, hight black boots, a particular black swather, a burberry belt and as a jacket a typical check british blazer matching perfectly with the bag. What do you this about this look?  If you missed to see my two previous Days of LFW you can see it by clicking the link below: London Fashion Week DAY 1London Fashion Week DAY 2London Fashion Week DAY 3London Fashion Week Day 4 I will very soon do a special post with all the London looks. In the next week I will work also to make the lifestyle video as usual with the goal to involve you even more to my fashion week experience. Thank you for following me during this adventures, your presence even if it’s virtual it’s very important for me. Thank you.


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Officially the end of London Fashion Week. If you missed to see my two previous Days of LFW you can see it by clicking the link below:

– London Fashion Week DAY 1,

– London Fashion Week DAY 2,

– London Fashion Week DAY 3,

– London Fashion Week Day 4


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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