Welcome to Chayan’s World, this is the 3th times I go to Chayan’s Red Party & Art Exhibition and every year he surprise me with his wonderful painting or better Works of Art. Chayan is a Globe Dreamer, a Globe Trotter, voyager, he travel all around the World to discover new Country, wild lands, difference ethnic groups or simply magnificent landscapes. I was amazed to see these masterpieces, the art is really something extraordinary, you can spend hours and hours admiring the painting and discover each time a different detail. The technical work of Chayan Khoi is very elaborate, first of all during his trips he create a book of memories and inspirations with objects, photos, drawings, everything that best represents that particular trip. Once back in his attelier in Paris begins to create his work of art, a mix of painting, photography and objects. The final effect is that of a mystical landscape, that which represents a mystical trip. At the end of this post you can watch also a live video of the exhibition with a particular attention of his travel books.

After the exhibition I went to Louvre for the white night and taking some outfit photos by night.

Après l’exposition je suis allée au Louvre pour la nuit blanche et j’ai pris des photos de mon outfit de nuit.


Outfit: Chanel Rain Boot with flowers détails, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag with flowers détails, ring and earring with flowers details, mini skirt with red palettes by Forever21, top Intimissimi, Jacket Garden Collection, red coat Forever21 and red Umbrella Plaza Athenee.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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