THE BOUDOIR ETERNAME: Yesterday I was invited at Le Boudoir Eternamé for Brunch. The Boudoir Eternamé is a wonderful place, a mix between a Jewelry Boutique and private House, it’s for this reason that the founder and creator of the brand Sarah Besnainou wanted to call it Boudoir. A very “cozy” chic, glamorous, very friendly place in the heart of Paris at 2 minutes of Avenue Montaigne. The concept of the appointment is to meet new people, share ideas, talk of common interest such as jewelery, fashion, life in general.

Eternamé is a real women’s boudoir, as then, almost magical place, time stops and you live a moment in harmony by making fun of the beautiful things around you. First the dinner table was treated in every detail with beautiful flowers in pink and purple tone. At the end of the meal I made the discovery of the Boutique/Boudoir whole interior design represented the image of the brand, each object was treated in details. At the end of the afternoon, after drinking a mint tea and tasted some small chocolate delights I tried a few pieces of the collection as the earring Collection Ellipses in yello gold and orange sapphires.

A very good feeling is born with this brand, so you will soon discover more of the collection with a new photo-shoot project, I can not tell you too much right now, but it will be a nice surprise.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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