BOF – The Business of Fashion Party in Florence

BOF – The Business of Fashion is one of my favorite fashion blog, focused in the business of fashion created by Imran Amed. The first time I met Imran was in Paris at Lanvin Party during the fashion week (CLICK HERE to see the post).

Since this time we created a particular feeling connected by the passion of fashion. This year Imran Amed celebrate the 5 years of BOF in Florence at Villa Favard, home of Polimoda. When first I arrived at Polimoda I saw the BoF logo projected onto the stunning façade of the neo-Renaissance Villa Favard.

BoF Team asked to all the guest to share their responses to one simple question: “Why do you love working in the business of Fashion?” My response was “I love to be a fashion Business Woman!” ahahh no I’m joking, my answer was “I love working in the business of fashion because Fashion is the Art of living the difference!”

Imran Amed & I

Polimoda Talent

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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