Packing all my dresses for Cannes Film Festival

Hello people, today i’m going to attend Cannes Film Festival for my 5th time. My first time was in 2007 it was the year of the most strong emotion because of course it was the first time. But even every year I attended the Film Festival I had so many beautiful and strong emotion. The atmosphere is magic and surreal. People walk in the street, or better in the Croisette with beautiful Couture Dress. That’s why Film Festival is also very important for Fashion.

I’m packing now… here are some cloths I choose to take with me during the Film Festival 2012. I would love to thanks very much Ema Savahl Couture and Antonio for the beautiful dress that they offer to me.

Here some others dresses for the day time:

During this Film Festival I will have also a surprise for you a new fashion & event project for my blog… you will discover very soon!


See U in Cannes!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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