THE VILLA by Barton G.

Welcome to THE VILLA “VERSACE” by Barton G.


Well, my last night in Miami I couldn’t  miss the opportunity to go at VILLA VERSACE restaurant, that now the name become THE VILLA by Barton G. I saw it only in some photos before and it was always my dream to go there because Versace since I was very young was one of my Mom’s favorite designer! The Versace Mansion become now a small luxury hotel & restaurant, only guest of the Hotel or with a reservation you can visit the fabulous Versace Mansion. Honestly I saw in many blogs and website people that talk about this restaurant without even been there once; how you can write about a place if you never been there! I Always like to write about places I know and I tried so I can told you my personal opinion! Believe me this was the most delicious dinner I had in my life! The food, the service and the atmosphere was perfect. I was so happy about the food that I wanted to meet the Executive Chef. The Manager of the Hotel made real my special request and introduce to me the Exacutive Chef Jeff O’Neill that was also the private chef of Donald Trump. Now I understand way the food was so delicious! I really suggest to everyone, if you have a chance to go to Miami, to go at The Villa by Barton G. restaurant.
the gold wine menu (made it with real paper gold)
petit mis en bouche
fresh salad and burrata
special black code from Australia with rise, papaya, ginger and lobster sauce
black code with fois gras poilé
Rossini filet with fois gras poilé and mushrooms
and now the dessert…chocolate mousse with fresh fruits and semifreddo with sorbetto served in the original Versace dish collection.

The Executive Chef Jeff O’Neill

The view of Versace pool from the second floor

The famous MEDUSA!



 Versace by H&M sequin dress, see more details about this outfit on my previous post

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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