My Outfit & Interview for Linea Rossa – RSI

Shirt & Belt: ZARA, Pents: Tally Weijl, wedges shoes: BEBE, Bag: POMIKOI, Necklace: CHOPARD, Ring & Earring: C&L in Bulgari style

The interview:

“There is two different way to be fashion, there is people that follow the fashion, or better they copy the style of someone else or of an adv campaign and they are called followers, then there is the people that create new style, these one are called pioneering. I feel myself in between sometimes I take inspiration of somebody else look and sometime I create my own style. Since I was young I was really passionate in fashion, I was always matching well colors and accessories…growing up I made a Fashion university and I graduate in Fashion Business. After my graduation I made an internship at Dior Couture after that I chose to work by myself and create my own fashion company. I took this choise because I’m young and I think is important to realize our dreams and projects. So I chose to start to open a fashion blog where I’m talking about my fashion choices, new trends, new designers to discovers, some suggestion of what to wear and the hot place where to go and also my opinion of the fashion show I attend. Is a fashion & lifestyle blog. Fashion for me is a lifestyle as Art, photography.. fashion is part of the Art World that’s why is important for me, I’m an Art lover and fashion is part of my life. Fashion represent your lifestyle, what you wear, what you eat, where you go…. everything represent your lifestyle. Fashion is also a way to communicate with somebody else. For me doesn’t exist to be Out-fashion because even if you dress-up in a punk or hippie style you are always fashionable. The most important thing is to match well the colors and the clothes that fit well on your body and especially you have to be appropriate to the place and Country where you are. Is true that trends changes very fast and sometime you can think if it’s work to buy something that is fashion this season if the season after will be already out of fashion. Well, trends changes very fast but is true also that after few years the come back fashionable so my suggestion is to keep always everything because one day will be again fashion or even the Vintage style is fashion too, personally I really like to wear vintage clothes or also my Mom’s clothes. A little suggestion I can give to you for this Spring 2012 style are the pastel colors, a lot of Turquoise, Green, yellow and orange”.

If you have any others questions don’t hesitate to post a comment below. I really hope you liked this short interview that can explain a little bit more about my blog and my work into the Fashion Industry.

to see the full program Linea Rossa click here:

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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