TIO – Professione fashion blogger – January 2012

tio professione fashion blogger

LUGANO – She travels around the world, sleeps in the most luxurious hotels, she meets the most famous people and guru of the fashion and art environment. Valentina, born in 1987 in Sorengo (near Lugano, Ticino), she is a successful Swiss fashion blogger. A small web-star, who writes about fashion, art and lifestyle. “The fashion world is a small elite’s world.” she acknowledges. And through my blog (www.valentinavfashionworld.com) I make it accessible to everyone.

You studied in fashion and marketing in London, Milan and Paris, lots of various experiences in the field of fashion business you have had recently. Why did you choose this field? “I’m a curious and glamour person, attracted from anything that is related to art and tendency. Essentially, my job consists in attending fashion weeks all over the world, fashion shows and after that I make reportages about my experience and my personal thoughts and opinions. Moreover, I also attend fashion events, fashion shows, backstage, showrooms, museums and art galleries.”

The world of fashion sometimes appears to be a heartless world… “No, it’s not that way at all, I guarantee you. For example, I’m very active and participate in many charity foundations.”

Where is the source of profit for a fashion blogger? “In advertisement and adv sponsored by companies and brands. Moreover, I also work with some labels companies and give them advice in marketing, communication and sale. I’m also creating my own fashion-line.”

Is the web a good and reliable source for fashion? “Yes, there has been a great evolution in the web system. Most of the brand companies communicate and sell their products online via e-commerce; it’s an easier and cheaper method.

Who are the most curious and intriguing people you’ve met? “The famous opinionist of Vogue Japan, Anna dello Russo, the presenter Jo Squillo, and the American billionaire James Goldstein, who became a fashion celebrity thanks to his particular and alternative look.”

Recently, Oliviero Toscani launched a calendar dedicated to the penis; as your pictures on your blog shows. Was it embarrassing? “More than embarrassing it was funny. It’s certainly an ironic calendar. I agree with Oliviero Toscani, when he said: “the penis is like fashion, it’s just a matter of aesthetics and design.”

We can say you a have a feverish life. Do you leave space for your affections? “Unfortunately not much, also because most of the time in fashion men are homosexuals (laugh). However, I’m very fond for my family, it’s very important for me. And also to Ticino, a little paradise.”

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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