Paris Fashion Week – VIVIENNE WESTWOOD S/S 2012

Vivienne Westwood S/S 2012 Fashion Show was amazing!!
The entire parade told a story of mythology entitled “THE FAMILY TREE.
The Family Tree starts with the marriage of GAIA the Earth Mother and Science. They have 2 children so we have 2 branches. The Child of the right hand is Quantity and it’s what happens when Progress marries Quantity. They produce umilmited Profit and umilmited Consumption and lead to disaster. This is our world. The left hand branch is a parallel world. It’ doesn’t yet exist but it could if we had respect for Science. Its 1st child is Quality who married Stability and this, I believe, leads to true Progress and quality of life. The most important child of this branch is Hierarchy of Values, whose pinnacle of achivement is Art, wich gives culture and ethics and structure-instead of today’s free-for-all and chaos. That is why Art Lover is a Freedom Fighter for a better world.

I already knew and love this story, that’s remember me my period in high school when my Greek teacher told my about all the mithology story,  I was so fascinated by these wonderful stories.
THE FAMILY TREE by Vivienne Westwood

And now Enjoy the Fashion Show!
Me seating in front row next to Ako from Vogue Japan
sooo sweet!! <3
After Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show I went at the Privat Event HOGAN by KARL LAGERFELD see all the photos on my next post

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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