Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the KANDY KRUISE III
Decadence on the Riviera

Kandy Kruise is the most crazy cruise in the world, non-stop fun as night turns into day and day turns into night! 2.000 of the world‘s hottest people revel in the massive parties at the weekend while indulging in fashion competitions, variety shows and poker tournaments throughout the Entire cruise ship.
Three nights of concert style production, theatrical lighting and thundering sound on the main pool deck, creating the open-air nightclub Most outrageous at sea with some of the world‘s top ranked DJ‘s and celebrity headliners grooving and rocking you all night.
MY 1st DAY:
is a Paradise Cruise..
2nd DAY
Me drinking ROCKSTAR Energy Drink…and now let’s rock on the boat!!
3th & DAY
The most sexy sushi buffet:
The capitan, Italien capitan from Naples
V Capitan
HELP!! Some pirates on the boat:
It’s time to go back to California
My 1st outfit:
vintage pin-up mini short whit blue pailettes, sailor t-shirt by Zara, Louis Vuitton silver bag, Gucci silver sandals and Dior Symbol Yvroy sunglasses
2nd outfit:
mini shorts by H&M, abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, Louis Vuitton silver bag, Guicci silver sandals and Dior Symbol Yvroy sunglasses
3th outfit:
swimsuit by Triumph, sailor necklace by Forplay
4th outfit:
pin-up sailor costume by Forplay, Louis Vuitton silver bag and Bebe shoes
5th outfit:
pin-up Navy costume by Forplay and Bebe shoes
more info about kandykruise: http://www.kandykruise.com/

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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