Valentina Nessi is the founder and creative director of V FASHION WORLD.

Valentina works with a TEAM of professional people, photographer, video-makers, stylists, designers, bloggers, editors, webmaster and freelancer.

Valentina has a positive approach with her team as she helps them build their own businesses. They have a meeting once a month to discuss about new innovative projects. Valentina and all the team members trust and help each other in order to create strong bonds and a long-lasting relationship. In fact, they all collaborate in order to create the future they want.

She travels with her team members and tries to enjoy her time with them by discovering new places, and appreciating the beautiful things that the world has to offer.

The true meaning of success to Valentina is having the entire group reach their goals. She’s thankful to her team for helping her to succeed. She’s always motivated to do the best in what she does. In fact, she’s  growing stronger as she works hard with them everyday in order to achieve her goals.

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