Valentina works with a TEAM of professional people, photographer, video-makers, stylists, designers, bloggers, editors, webmaster and freelancer.

Valentina has a positive approach with her team as she helps them build their own businesses. They have a meeting once a month to discuss about new innovative projects. Valentina and all the team members trust and help each other in order to create strong bonds and a long-lasting relationship. In fact, they all collaborate in order to create the future they want.

She travels with her team members and tries to enjoy her time with them by discovering new places, and appreciating the beautiful things that the world has to offer.

The true meaning of success to Valentina is having the entire group reach their goals. She’s thankful to her team for helping her to succeed. She’s always motivated to do the best in what she does. In fact, she is growing stronger as she works hard with them everyday in order to achieve her goals.


VALENTINA NESSI – Founder & Creative Director

Valentina is a young Italian businesswoman born in Lugano and graduated in Fashion Business and Management in Paris in May 2011. In the same year she created the site vfashionworld.com with the intention of sharing her opinions and experiences. Over the years the site has evolved from a personal blog to a fashion and lifestyle magazine and now to a community and brand strategy agency. In addition to managing the website Valentina has started a collection of clothing that takes its name.


FRANCESCO – Partner in Crime

Francesco was born in Milan and grew up in Sanremo, for some years now lives in Switzerland and travels around the world together with Valentina taking photos for social media.


LUCREZIA – Community Manager

Lucrezia is the youngest sister of Valentina. Graduated in communications sciences at the USI (University of Italian Switzerland) where he still attends a master. Lucrezia helps her sister in various areas.

STELLA – Photographer

Stella is Valentina’s mom. Passionate about photography and travel, she accompanies her daughter during the fashion weeks in Milan and Paris by taking the most photos and helping to handle the Museo in Erba in Lugano.


MAURO – Financial Manager

To complete the team, Valentina’s father has also joined this new project with enthusiasm. As a medical practitioner, Mauro is a multi-faceted person who is interested in various fields such as music, oenology, sailing and vintage cars.