Your dream is to become a Fashion Designer, Stylist, Photographer, Buyer or also Fashion Blogger, Journalist or Visual Merchandiser?

A FASHION EDUCATION is an important starting point in order to realize your dream to be part of the exclusive and fascinating Fashion World.

If you have an innate talent, you should learn how to use it and understand how the Fashion System works. That’s why a Fashion Education helps to prepare students to work and understand all areas of the Fashion Industry.

If you would like to work in the fashion industry, but you don’t know in which fashion field you should apply to, you should discover what areas best suits your needs.

Here I will explain some of the major figures and courses you can do:

1. FASHION DESIGNER is the primary source of creativity. He/she is the one responsible for designing the collection. Besides that, he/she also has the ability to research on the good materials, and finding the right shapes and colors for the new collections. This is one of the most important figures in the fashion industry, as most of the success of a brand depends on him/her.

2. FASHION STYLIST focuses on analyzing the image by putting a lot of attention at the details in order to improve the final look. He/she also gives advice on how to match clothes and accessories in order to create the best look. These are all qualities that a fashion stylist must have if she/he wants to be able to create a photo-shooting, an advertising campaign or an editorial.

3. FASHION BUSINESSMAN / BUSINESSWOMAN this figure is responsible for analyzing the current situation of a brand, and defining an identity and a concept for the collection. A business man or a business woman develops managerial skills in order to implement a fashion business plan, and in order to be able to analyze the competitors and to find distribution channels. He/she also develops sales skills. These are just some of the basic skills that a business man or woman must know in order to succeed.

4. FASHION PROMOTER or PR is the person in charge of Public Relations and promoting a product, an advertising campaign or a fashion event. The Fashion Promoter or press secretary organizes fashion shows and events. He/she creates the guest list for all kinds of events and manages the daily press. The PR works in close collaboration with the Communication Manager.

5. FASHION COMMUNICATION MANAGER is responsible for analyzing and creating a communication plan in order to promote the brand in many innovative ways so that it will be able to differentiate itself from its competitors. The Communication Manager must be able to create a communication campaign starting with an analysis of the company’s positioning in the market, and he/she should know how to define the goals that must be achieved.

6. FASHION VISUAL MERCHANDISER takes care of the visual display by choosing how to decorate and locate the objects in the shop window. This will increase the appeal of the shop window and will contribute to maximize the profitability of a boutique or a store in a shopping mall.

7. FASHION RETAIL MANAGER is responsible for running the store through the development of skills in the areas of retail marketing. The fashion retail manager is a key figure in the distribution chain because she/he is responsible for the management of the products’ logistics and he/she must be constantly updated on the trends of the collections. The necessary qualities that a person must have if she/he wants to become a fashion retail manager are: excellence in the relational skills, negotiation and the ability to solve any kind of problems in the store.

8. PRODUCT MANAGER is the person who is able to transform ideas and design concepts into reality, by transforming creativity into a commercial offer.

9. FAHION JOURNALIST or FASHION EDITOR is the person who writes articles about trends or do interviews and reportage. The journalist can write to two types, of media: paper or digital, in the secon case is called “Digital Editor”

10. FASHION BLOGGER is a web influencer. He or she is considered as a story teller and writes stories through his blog and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He or She communicates information with a series of images and text. The figure of fashion blogger has reached a very important role in the fashion industry.

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