After a cold winter spring will come …


Personal reflections


After a cold winter spring arrives, after a storm the clear comes and after this terrible pandemic that is attacking all of Europe we will return to serenity. We will return to go out into the streets, to embrace and smile. I don’t want to use the word “normality” specifically because I think it is necessary to make radical changes to our western society. We have to change our attitude, socially and economically. We must stop compulsive consumerism that only creates garbage and pollution, we must stop wanting more and more and we must begin to appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life. The blooming of a flower, a walk in the open air, get excited about a sunset or even rain and snow because we have to live more in harmony and harmony with nature! I never stopped getting excited in front of all this!


In the last 5 years since the creation of @vitaassociation I have changed my life as a “fashionista” and I have approached nature and those who need it most. This “LOVE” towards others and nature must be the driving force behind the New Society, the New Economy.


I am not a dreamer but a “warrior” who fights only with Love, Compression, Honesty … Society must change but in order to change it is every single individual who must take the first step towards this change.

Life is made of evolution and therefore the human being must evolve humanly and spiritually speaking because if only technology evolves man regresses, as has happened in recent decades. In this global pandemic our immune system has to evolve and strengthen. Do not panic in these quarantine days, use these days to reflect and find the lost values. This must be a source of change for all of us.

For all those who read this post all the way thank you and I respect you because you don’t take things superficially!


I greet you and hope to hug you soon






Vintage red coat

Ender fur boots

Gucci Bag

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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