Milano fashion week: Valentina Nessi fashion & charity event

Valentina Nessi fashion & Charity Event: when fashion meets philanthropy

Milan fashion week: Valentina Nessi combines fashion and philanthropy

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, on Saturday 22 September I presented the Global Caring Associationa new and innovative community of non-profit associations with the aim of supporting different associations. This initiative improve communication, exchange of ideas and knowledge to better collaborate on a common charity project.


During this event I also presented my new eco-sustainable fashion collection“make fashion not war”which supports the protection of the environment, the well-being of workers and aims to raise awareness among people working in fashion for a charitable humanitarian action.


Thanks to my little notoriety I would like to send a message of peace and at the same time give voice to all women who seek freedom and independence.

The new line of t-shirts with SLOGAN “Make Fashion Not War”is made in Nepal and the profit will go to charity through Vita Association to help women and children. The current project of VITA Association is the reconstruction of an orphanage in the Sindupalchok valley, the area most affected by the devastating earthquake of April 2015.


With this event I would like to combine fashion with philanthropy.


The event was attended by international bloggers for a social media impact by more than a million followers. The Italian blogger Alessia Siena with over 153’000 followers, who wore a dress from the Butterfly collection and the German blogger Sara Adrian with over a million followers, but also little dog Jeje-dido with over 15’000 followers.


Social media have truly revolutionized the way people communicate and set trends.


Follow the beautiful bloggers @alessia_siena , @saraadrianbelin and super star dog @jeje.dido


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful company, joy and sensitivity in appreciating the design and creativity of a young creator, fashion designer & philanthropist! I don’t consider fashion  only as clothing but also as a means of communication to transmit messages of peace and solidarity!
With this new eco-sustainable collection, I wish to launch a message of hope, of a better future, of peace and love!




Milano you are always magical. Thank you for this beautiful day full of blessing and wonderful people. I’m so grateful.


I would like to thank you all for coming to my fashion and charity event. together we can make a difference.

If you are interested to be part of Global Caring Association you can email at

If you are interested in on piece of more dresses of my collection you can email at

Thank you


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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