I feel now ready to welcome the 2018!

The first days I was still in a transaction mood: I was thinking about all the beautiful moments of 2017 as you probably seen in my new video (watch it on youtube or here)  On @vfashionworld I’m sharing some of the best collaboration I have done last year and I’m happy to renovate some of them with my favorite brands! I’m also very excited to start new projects and collaboration this year!

First of all I will do the launch of my new brand @valentinanessicollection in different countries, starting from Switzerland, my country!

I’m planning to travel more and to organize beautiful trips and events with others bloggers & influencers! I also would love to spend more time with my family and my boyfriend because family is the most important thing for me!

In my 2018 resolutions I wish to do more sport and improve my photography skills!

I do have many others resolutions and new projects for the new year. Some of them are:


1) create a blogger community where girls can get inspired and inspiring other people
2) organize blogger meet up and trips to get to know each other’s in real life
3) create business opportunities for bloggers & brands


Wish you all again a beautiful and happy new year!!!!



Which of this photo do you like the most? The black & white or the second one?


Wish you all again a beautiful and happy new year!!!!





Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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