VITA for NEPAL Orphanage Project VIDEO by Conscious Impact

Video of the orphanage project in work in progress

We started the construction work of the orphanage end of February and after 2 months we almost finished to build the ground floor and mostly completed the living room and kitchen building.

The orphanage will have a total of ten rooms, one library, four bathrooms and the living room.

The building is made with local bricks made with sand, soils and cement. The production of the bricks is at the Takure Conscious Impact camp and it’s giving job to local people.

I would love to thanks Orion Haas of Conscious Impact, for the big help of making bricks with the local community and international volunteer, Jonathan H.Lee for the wonderful video and photos. You can see more photos of the orphanage in working progress HERE. 

After the first visit to the yard we went to visit the structure of the temporary orphanage, made in steel rooms, where the 18 orphan children welcomed us with joy. Meena Thapa and her husband welcomed us with the traditional Nepalese ceremony by donating a scarf and a flower necklace and saying “Namaste” which literally means “I bend to you” but is used as a form of greeting and reverence.

For me and Vita Association we brought gifts to children such as: school notebooks, colored pencils, toothbrushes, toothpaste and a cotton t-shirt embroidered with a flower and inside the symbol of Life. T-shirts were made directly to Kathmandu by a local craftsman, thus helping the local economy’s business and trade.

The children were very happy, and he was sparkling with joy; It was really a very strong emotion.

Finally I would like to thanks Meena Thapa of Mothers Sister Nepal for all the work of managing the orphanage and taking care of the children with love and affection. You are an inspiring and strong woman.

orphanage project nepal working progress 03

orphanage project nepal working progress 01
Photo by Jonathan H. Lee
orphanage project nepal working progress 010
Photo by Jonathan H. Lee

Discover more photos HERE!

Orphanage Visit Photos by Orion Haas 01
Photo by Orion Haas
Orphanage Visit Photos by Orion Haas 02
Photo by Orion Haas
Orphanage Visit Photos by Orion Haas with charity blogger Valentina 03
Photo by Orion Haas

Orphanage Visit Photos by Orion 04

Help us to make a difference and give a better future to those beautiful Children

Make a donation to Vita Association official banco account at UBS SA, Lugano, Svizzera

IBAN: CH200024724713726240B


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