If you have the chance to go on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most important decisions, apart from the dress of course, is the hairstyle. The easiest option would be to go to a hair saloon and let the hairdresser make up something for you that will best suit you. However, nowadays it became so much easier to make up a hairstyle by yourself. In fact, some amazing hairstyles that you see on celebrities on the red carpet that seem so hard to do are in fact so much easier than you think and the good thing is that you can do it by yourself.


On Youtube you can find many tutorials on many different types of hairstyles. There are also a few bloggers that I would like to suggest you looking at that give very easy tutorials to make amazing hairstyles. My favorite one is “Twistmepretty” by Abby Smith. I’ve tried to do some of her hairstyles on myself following her tutorials and it worked out really well. I love how with a simple braid you can make up many different types of hairstyles. I think that braids are still a hit for spring summer 2017 and they would also look amazing on you walking on the red carpet. One thing I like about braids is that you can wear them with long hair, short hair, you can make an updo that looks super complicated when in reality it’s not and most importantly, they always give you an elegant look to anything you wear.

These are some of the hairstyles that you can find on Abby’s Instagram or Youtube account that you can try to do yourself. They all are very easy to do but the result as you can see is beautiful.


Another blog where you can find lots of inspiration for your hairstyles is Missy Sue’s blog. She’s also obsessed with braids and she wears them in any possible way. If you have long hair and you want your hair to attract the attention of others I would suggest to make soft curly hair combined with a braid. In this way you give movement to your hair and the braid adds an elegant touch to it. Here are a few examples:

Thus, if you are planning to go on the red carpet, attend a gala dinner or any other type of event, you don’t need to make an appointment to your local hairdresser anymore because you can make beautiful hairstyles by yourself just by following these easy tutorials on the blogs I suggested.  Be ready to get many compliments on your amazing hairstyle!

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