De Grisogono jewellery and timepieces novelties presented at Baselworld 2017.

This year, for the third time in a row, I had the opportunity to discover the novelties of the swiss jewellery brand. I also had a pleasant conversation with Fawaz Gruosi, the owner and creative director of de Grisogono. Between us is born collaborative project, which I have to keep it top-secret at the moment.


Fawaz Gruosi and Valentina Nessi

After our meeting, Carolina showed me some new jewellery and timepieces novelties.

ALLEGRA: A Timeless Style

Allegra is a timeless style that will endure forever. Its distinctive design has earned it a place among the greatest jewellery collections, the first and the most legendary from the Maison de GRISOGONO. A symbol of love, respect and passion, its intertwined rings creates a joyful spiral, an infinite circle upon which the passage of time has no hold on feelings. It evokes the eternal connection between two beings.

The new collection of Allegra presented at baselworld 2017 is Nothing but Toi & Moi

De GRISOGONO reinvents a great jewellery classic – the Toi & Moi – a duo, symbolizing the couple, a man and woman gazing at each other. Fawaz Gruosi creates his Toi & Moi with the legendary motif of Allegra. A symbol of exemplary personal relations, whose power is multiplied through its two facing sets of intertwined diamond-set gold rings. A ring, earrings and a bracelet that form a natural and instinctive attachment with the wearer that becomes entirely reciprocal.


BOULE Collection with glamorous curves

The boule collection is reflecting the perfect shape; it also evokes that of absolute femininity. Its award-winning career caught the spotlight right from the start, sparkling at the Caesar, Oscar and Cannes award ceremonies and playing an integral part in moment celebrating the talent of women and icons. Apparently predestined for fame and the world of cinema, this collection brings out the best in women, arrayed in gems and jewellery creations that leave a lasting glow.

valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-boule-collection-baselworld-2017 de-grisogono-boule-collection de-grisogono-boule-collection-rose-frozen-quartz de-grisogono-baselworld-2017-with-jewellery-blogger-valentina-nessi


“A daring, resolute and elegant silhouette opening up a whole new creative territory”.

de GRISOGONO unveils a new collection of ladies’ watches that naturally seem to have been part of the brand forever. They radiate an aesthetic that instinctively creates a strong sense of belonging, freely interpreting – from dial to case, from lugs to crown, from stylised Arabic numerals to the galuchat strap – the distinctive signatures that have for more than 20 years reflected the emblematic de GRISOGONO style.

Its name – ECCENTRICA – evokes its extravagant and original character, its resolutely contemporary architecture, its singular and extraordinary nature.

de-grisogono-ladies-watch-eccentrica-baselworld-2017 eccentrica-ladies-watch-by-de-grisogono-baselworld-vfashionworld

A watch whose proportions together with the succession of off-centred circles composing its silhouette, immediately instill it with a distinctive and original character. By deliberately creating a nonconformist design based on a set of nested circles with varying diameters and centres, Fawaz Gruosi has found the key to a perfectly balanced geometry. The result is an impetuous watch that proclaims its bold nature.

This elegant, self-confident, sensual and subtle creation vividly epitomizes the multi-facetted, free- spirited de GRISOGONO woman. A case designed like an anthem to roundness, with a spellbinding depth effect created by the off-centred circles and the play on diamonds. A dial that tells the story of time in a sweep of stylised Arabic numerals opulently laid out around a bevelled inner bezel ring. A delicately asymmetrical architecture that extends through to the lugs – like two arms in which the round case nestles gently, enhanced by the seductive cadence of dense gem-setting. Its crown adorned with a black diamond and its galuchat-dotted strap set the perfect finishing touches of elegance to a watch endowed with the inimitable identity codes of the Maison de GRISOGONO that naturally predestine it for success.

As is its custom, de GRISOGONO adopts an apparently simple approach in revisiting a traditional shape, transcended by the singular impetus and vision of Fawaz Gruosi.



A new collection of ladies’ watches that like all the jeweller’s creations naturally seem to have been part of the brand forever.

This supremely feminine jewellery watch embodies the quintessential skills cultivated by de GRISOGONO. An encounter with the artisans who have gold and diamonds at the tips of their fingers. From the first sketch to the final polishing operation on these timepieces graced with heavenly curves, de GRISOGONO reveals the secrets of its ateliers.


Volume, asymmetry and harmony are the keynotes of an extraordinary jewelry watch.

Fawaz Gruosi say: “Creative design is about constantly reinventing oneself while remaining true to one’s identity. Preciously safeguarding the attributes of a distinctive and authentic character. Creating the unexpected, springing surprises. Introducing visual novelty while instilling a deep sense of continuity and consistency“.


Fawaz Gruosi and Valentina Nessi of

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