Paris, Paris, Ville lumière, ville de l’amour. Paris is well know as the most romantic city in the world for many reasons: the rich culture, the architecture of the city, the gothic cathedrals, the river, the bridges, the Louvre and of course the Eiffel Tower.

In this post I will show you my three favorite places in Paris, and because I considered to be a Fashion Blogger, I will show you also three outfits I wore during Paris Haute Couture fashion week.


Montmartre is my favorite quartier in Paris because from there you can have the best view of all Paris, no matter if it’s a sunny day or cloudy, the view is always breathtaking. When I took those photos the sky was a little bit gray and cloudy but the energy you breath from there is simply magical. An other reason why I like this place is the artistic square with all painters. I love art and I’m an art lovers. When I was a child I was dreaming to be a painter living in Paris. So romantic. Montmartre is considered probably the most romantic place in Paris because of the church Sacre Coeur. Thousands of tourist and couples from all over the world come here to pray or simply to admire the beautiful architecture of this church.

First outfit: Rex Jacket, Zara leather pants, Kandahar winter boots, chanel chain bag, Louis Vuitton scarf

Chanel Chain bag and Kandahar winter boots 100% swiss made from 1932.


The Louvre is an emblematic place of Paris. Is considered by many people and specialist an energetic point on Earth, this can be the explanation why it’s attract so much interest, not only for the work of arts inside the museum but simply to be there, in front of the Pyramid, projected by American-Chinese architect Leoh Ming Pei. This monument, the Pyramid, has possible relations with the Masonic and esoteric world. The shape of the monument is a symbol of the pharaonic power and the Egyptian culture.

Second outfit: Vintage leopard coat by Maxmara , Chanel boots, Guess bag and Karina Valdes hat


The Eiffel Tower is the most famous monument in Paris, known worldwide as a symbol of the city of Paris and France. It is also the most visited place in the world with an average of about five and a half million tourists every year.

The Eiffel Tower was built by engineerAlexandre Gustave Eiffel in occasion for the Universal Exhibition in 1889. The tower is symbol of France, culture, history but also love because is considered as a romantic destinations for couples all over the world that come there to have dinner in the famous restaurant at the top of the tower or simply to take a photo or a selfie in front of Her, the most beautiful tower in the world.

I love Paris and I think this is the most romantic city in the world. .

Third outfit: chanel chains boots, black leather skirt, pink mink fur, Karina Valdes hat.

I love Paris and I think this is the most romnatic city in the world. And you? Are you agree with me? If you have some other locations and romantic places to suggest me I will write them in the next post.

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Wish you all a beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day!


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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