The 2017 for the Chinese zodiac is the year of Rooster, draw chicken from year to year.

Chicken years since the spring of the twenty-four solar terms, because attached to the Chinese zodiac year power calendar, and likely power is power through dating methods.

Lunar calendar just use power to calendar, the scope of the first year in the first day to New Year’s eve, the first lunar month this point, there is no dispute. And according to the lunar calendar and power through are two different calendars, year starting point, in between the two rules, divided into days are different every year. Because of the Republic of China, use the Gregorian calendar.

Power calendar is a group of 60 different Chinese era tag year, month, day, when a calendar, is China’s unique to the Gregorian calendar. It is the start of a New Year with spring, with 24 solar terms divided into twelve months, contains two throttle per month, no leap month. Power is associated with the periodic motion of the earth around the sun, it can reflect all the year round climate change.


Since the ancient times, the power through have been common understanding, is the official and folk application Yu Tianwen, feng shui, numerology, select and disciplines of TCM, and for being the official almanac records (the zodiac). In the qing dynasty revised history, for example, in qing shi lu the performance came to power in the book of split points: such as zhong photocopy of 17 volumes in qing shi lu, qianlong records volume 9, page 573, emperor qianlong 27 December 22nd xu-gou (g) spring, “records” record: “heptyl xu-gou. Is decyl not in spring.” See a dream of red mansions ninety-five back to the qing dynasty, “in December 18th JiaYin spring, yuan spring demise day is December 19th, has been forwarded to Yin month, every year”, here is explicitly pointed out that the breaking point when power calendar month old in age.


Chicken or Rooster is the tenth in the Chinese zodiac, and the twelve earthly branches and the “unitary” so one day in the “unitary” – ShiSanShi Chen at 7 o ‘clock to five o ‘clock in the afternoon is also called the “chicken”. As the “vision for chicken”.

Wish you all a Happy Rooster New Year!

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