A New Year’s eve party dress it’s always a difficult choice. The dress has to be chosen according to the event place and location in which you go. If you are going to a club you can easily wear a mini dress in lurex, Swarovski and glitters, everything that is shining is always a good idea to wear in a club. But if you are going to a evening Gala you must better wear a long dress.

During the past Russian New Year’s eve party in Campione d’Italia, the Swiss fashion blogger, Valentina Nessi, choose to wear a Couture dress in black silk and lace and turquoise details. This is the dress she personally designed in occasion of the second Red Carpet in Cannes during the Film Festival. CLICK HERE to see the photos of the Valentina’s Red Carpet.

This was a luxury event so the jewelry are mandatory to complete the look.

Valentina choose to wear her new V Pendent by Valentina Nessi Jewelry in white gold and diamonds. She was also wearing a diamonds and emerald earrings designed by her mother, emeralds bracelets, a cartier ring and a Indian vintage jewelry from Jaipur. This last piece is a unique piece because the emerald in the middle of the bracelet it’s a very antique stone, probably it was belongs to some Maharaja.

To complete the look Valentina chose a Dior collector bag in pink silk and fur and a red fur jacket.

Discover all the photos of the Russian New Year’s event HERE!

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