Gray Day at the Morteratsch


Last week I was in Engadina, Swiss Alps, for a mountain vacation. It was always sunny and warm, but not that day, it was couldy and rainy.

We choose to go to visit the Morteratsch glacier starting our walk from Pontresina.

That day was colder then usual, hopefully I was wearing a very warm wool sweater and jacket.

The view of the glacier Morteratsch was really incredible, I wanted to see it with a blue sky but I wasn’t very lucky that day. I promise myself that I will come back very soon.

morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-02 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-2016-03 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-04 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-jack-russells-05 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-swiss-bloggers-06 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-07 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-08 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-jack-russells-09 morteratsch-glacier-engadina-mountain-girls-switzerland-10

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