I have recently returned from my charitable mission in Nepal where I worked together with another Swiss association, the association Hands for Nepal.

The primary project of Vita Associationis is the reconstruction of a school, so that children can have a basic training and everything you need to take to help them build a better future.

We chose the Sindupalchok District because it is the most affected district by the earthquake. The schools have been partially or totally destroyed by the earthquake of last April 25, 2015.

The Nepalese government is totally absent, the village chief and the head teacher of the school that we visited informed us that the government has distributed 1,000 dollars in toys to attract children in schools again because after the earthquake had been traumatized and did not want go back to school.

Currently children study in temporary structures, wooden huts or aluminum laminates.

Our mission will be to rebuild the brick school with anti-seismic system to give greater security to the children and their parents.

After the reconstruction, our intention is to pay salaries or better teachers make a greater contribution than their wages already take, established by the Government which is equal to $ 60 per month for teachers and $ 180 per month for the head teacher.

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“With this project we want to give a better future to those children”

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Photo by Valentina Nessi

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