Baselworld, the unmissable salon and leaders for the watch and jewelery world, brings together all the key players in the industry, setting trends in the industry and the style for the whole year. Baselworld 2016 kicked off this morning with an opening press conference. The most important representatives of the international press, television and digital media were waiting impatiently for the news conference that opens the new edition of this annual event, unique in the watch and jewelery industry.

René Kamm, CEO of MCH Group, opened the conference by welcoming the participants at the press conference “that kicks off at Baselworld, the unmissable event for the entire sector. »

This year, the MCH Group is celebrating the hundredth anniversary of his first salon, Mustermesse Basel (Muba) and René Kamm he said proudly that “Baselworld is a direct descendant, a son of Muba”, stressing that the salon has passed by modestly sized exhibition within the Muba in “most important platform dedicated to watch and jewelry world.” The achievement of this prime location is the result above all the commitment of the exhibitors, who through their accomplishments have made a truly indispensable Baselworld event. In his words, Kamm also thanked them since “continue to offer innovations and outstanding creations that determine future trends” and added a praise to the press for his contribution, whose “extraordinary impact underlines the leading position of Baselworld in the watch and jewelery industry. ”

Sylvie Ritter, Managing Director of Baselworld, welcomed the participants present and about 3,000 journalists who have followed the press conference live on the Internet site of Baselworld, wishing them welcome you to this meeting “crucial in the industry calendar” of which “every new edition is eagerly awaited. ” He highlighted the many factors that make this unique salon, remembering the reasons that make it an unmissable event and recognized worldwide in the watch and jewelery industry. “Unique because, for eight days a year, Baselworld become the nerve center of world industry watch and jewelery industry, which is to ‘take the pulse’ of its business; since only the most prestigious brands, the most influential retailers and journalists of sight come together under the same roof; and finally, because only the week of Baselworld, year after year, saw the birth of the trends that will be imposed in this field for the twelve months following. “Recalling the current reality of a very difficult economic and political context and the consequences, both for the sector and for the salon, Sylvie Ritter admitted that Baselworld had sensed the uncertainty of some exhibitors, mainly among small and medium enterprises, less ready to cope with a drop in demand in the medium term. Despite these uncertainties, proudly he announced that almost all of the previous year’s exhibitors are present at this new edition. “They trust Baselworld and they know that we intend to continue to move forward, to invest in the future, to grow even the quality and attractiveness of this event to strengthen the leading role assigned to Baselworld.” Sylvie Ritter stressed the attitude Baselworld in the face of this uncertain context: “I do not deny reality, but remain optimistic going forward and build the future with determination.”

Sylvie Ritter reiterated his unshakable confidence in the sector: “I am absolutely certain that the new creations will become topical once again and that will demonstrate the amazing dynamics of these sectors, thanks to which it was possible to reach levels that no one dared to hope just ten years ago ». For its part, Mrs. Ritter has declared also looking forward to seeing each of the people discover the latest creations of Baselworld exhibitors in the coming days.

His speech ended with thanks to exhibitors, thanks to their numerous innovations make Baselworld one appointment.

Who was recently appointed President of the Baselworld Exhibitors Committee, Eric Bertrand has welcomed all the people present in this new edition. committee member for 15 years and with assets of extensive experience in all fields of watchmaking and jewelery, Bertrand chose this opportunity as a business card. “During all these years I have always been surprised at how these heterogeneous activities are able to react to difficult situations at times, through innovation and a relentless creativity,” he argued. Facing a challenge after another, the industry has “always been able to start to go further and aim higher.” Bertrand it is certain that this ability is not random, but rather due to the fact that “these successes and these results stem from very often passionate people, who give the best of themselves, dynamic and willing, willing to do anything to the three sectors of watchmaking , jewelery and precious stones always do dream about. ” In his words, the role of President of the Exhibitors Committee compares himself to a “representative of these actors – all the exhibitors – and I will work with conviction.”

Eric Bertrand lingers briefly on the evolution of Baselworld. “During my long career, I found also the phenomenal evolution of Baselworld, from leading European trade fair hall and unique in the world, with the implicit strategy of wanting to always give priority to quality over quantity. Baselworld is known to be the living room of the emerging and future trends. In this perspective, we have always welcomed the small and the great watch and jewelery brands, provided that they are representative and innovative. And of course we will continue to welcome new exhibitors, since the very essence of Baselworld is to reflect the world market watch and jewelery industry, and reflect that in what we have better. »

Bertrand he ended his speech by encouraging participants to take full advantage of all it offers Baselworld, remembering that “besides being a flagship event for an entire economic sector, the event is also a celebration, the only event of a ‘ entire industry. »

The press conference ended with a presentation by François Thiébaud, President of the Swiss Exhibitors Committee, who recalled how for eight days a year Baselworld represents the image of the time. Commenting on the results of the Swiss watch exports, Thiébaud said that in 2015 the watch industry has had only a slight weakening (- 3.3%), despite the political and economic framework. In value terms, the Swiss watch industry is by far the biggest exporter in the world, having the Swiss sector experienced a growth of over 60% by 2010! Thiébaud also paid tribute to the salon arguing that Baselworld is the event where “the beauty and innovation are at the time,” recalling his important development service in all these years; if in 1917, the year of birth of Baselworld in Basel were only 29 Swiss brands in 2016 are 1,500 global brands (of which more than 300 are Swiss) participating in the exhibition.


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