Last weekend I have been in St.Moritz, my favorite winter destination, to watch the White-Turf, the international horserace since 1907.

As a good swiss fashion & lifestyle blogger it was mandatory to come here and report this beautiful winter activity that took place every Sunday of the month of February.

Here some photos that I took.

swiss-fashion-blogger-white-turf-st.moritz-02 White-Turf-st-moritz-2016-03 swiss-fashion-blogger-white-turf-st.moritz-04 st-moritz-february-2016-05 swiss-fashion-blogger-white-turf-st.moritz-06 swiss-fashion-blogger-white-turf-st.moritz-07 swiss-fashion-blogger-white-turf-st.moritz-08 swiss-fashion-blogger-white-turf-st.moritz-09

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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