Last night died a myth, David Bowie. I knew about his death only this afternoon, and I immediately thought about his song Heroes which it’s also my favorite one.

Many of you, probably million of people were Bowie’s fans. David was not only a singer, but a poet and a troubadour. His songs was written by heart; that’s why will and e always be in our hearts.

David Bowie has left us one more gift, Blackstar, released two days before his death.

In this post you can listen two of our favorite David Bowie songs and a collection of 20 photos to remember him as a myth and hero forever.

tribute-to-david-bowie-02 tribute-to-david-bowie-03 tribute-to-david-bowie-04 tribute-to-david-bowie-05 tribute-to-david-bowie-09 tribute-to-david-bowie-10 tribute-to-david-bowie-11 tribute-to-david-bowie-12 tribute-to-david-bowie-13 tribute-to-david-bowie-14 tribute-to-david-bowie-06 tribute-to-david-bowie-07 tribute-to-david-bowie-08 tribute-to-david-bowie-15 tribute-to-david-bowie-16 tribute-to-david-bowie-17 tribute-to-david-bowie-18 tribute-to-david-bowie-19 tribute-to-david-bowie-20

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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