Already two weeks ago I took part of a wonderful and glamour project: The Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris edition.

The Tiffany’s Fashion Week is a fashion show project and competition with international fashion designers.

My role in this project was the role of member of the jury. I had to analyze every single designer and collection and choose the winner. It was very difficult because each designer had a different taste and style. All of them were very talented and creative in their way.

At the end of the show, together with the two other members of the jury, Coco Mode and Jeanne Baron we chose the three finalist.

I also had the opportunity to choose one of my favorite dress and walk on the runway too. This was my first experience as a model during Paris fashion show. I’m usually used to be seated front row, but also cat-walking was a nice and fanny experience too.

Well, from the three finalist we had to take the very difficult decision of the winner. We finally choose Anjana Misra from Inda. Congratulation!

I really like to help to promote new talents, sometimes everyone focus on big and famous brand name, but at the very beginning everyone started his or her own career as an emerging designer, a new upcoming talent. So I hope that this little help will build a successful career for them.

So I would like to congratulate all the designers: Suu Ho from Hong Kong, Sherin Mansoor from Oman, Angel Wong from Hong Kong, Irina Madan from Moldova, Jevon Terance from Ohio USA, Gayla Rogers from  Atlanta USA, Mirela Novak from Romania, Instilla by Valentina Oppezzo from Piemonte, Italy and Melissa Jade Young of MJY from England.

A very special thanks to Tiffany McCall the founder and creator of Tiffany’s Fashion Week competition and designer them self. Congratulation darling for the great work and to choose me as member of the jury, such an important role and position. I really appreciate.

Now, enjoy the show!

tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-02 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-03 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-04 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-05 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-06 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-07 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-088tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-09 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-10 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-11 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-12 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-13 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-14 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-15 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-16 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-17tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-18 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-19 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-20 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-21 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-22 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-23 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-24 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-25tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-26 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-27 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-28

Special thanks to Bomengk for this beautiful bag! I love it!

tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-valentina-nessi-29 tiffany-fashion-show-paris-fashion-week-ss16-valentina-nessi-30

Photo credit: E.P. Photografia


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