DG-selfie-kiss-valentina-nessi-for-dolce-gabbana-01-10-2015-01 DG-selfie-valentina-nessi-for-dolce-gabbana-01-10-2015-02

DG Selfie photo credit: Olesya Okuneva of Styln’CO


My own selfie with my iphone


Back stage with the photographer Olesya Okuneva

dolce-gabbana-party-event-paris-01-10-2015-05 dolce-gabbana-party-event-paris-01-10-2015-06 dolce-gabbana-party-event-paris-01-10-2015-07 dolce-gabbana-party-event-paris-01-10-2015-08 dolce-gabbana-party-event-paris-01-10-2015-09 dolce-gabbana-party-event-fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-paris-01-10-2015-10

Last week, or better already two weeks ago after the Balmain Fashion Show (click here to see the photo and video) I attended at Dolce & Gabbana event in Avenue Montaigne, the luxury fashion street of Paris.

During the event the photographer Olesya Okuneva of Styln’co took a DG SELFIE Photo. I love this idea! I already used this idea last summer for the Cover photo of Coop Magazine (click here to see my cover photo!)

Discover all details of my outfit in the next post!

Wish you all a nice and happy weekend!



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