MANU REAS COUTURE Fall Winter 2015


Last week I was in Paris for the Haute Couture and I had the opportunity to attend at some beautiful fashion show as Manu Reas in this case.

Manu Reas Fall Winter 2015-2016 collection take inspiration from the Noth Pole. Mix of elegance and glamour, what he makes rhythm with magic. With this collection Manu Reas leads you into magical lands, solemn and out of time. In age when traveling was synonymous with dreams, discoveries and ambitions.

I receive an invitation to experience a new adventure, where technical materials, perfect cuts and precious embroideries are blended. The whole made in a traditional Parisian craftsmanship.

Manu Reas’s woman is dressed in a whirlwind of furs, wools, cashmeres, silks and jerseys in winter colors, essential in the collection. We can find modernity and elegance which allow to unveil a sporty chic look of the woman an all her splendor.

Alone and closer to the sky, the eternal snows cover by their white folds, the immaculate peaks of a solid ice field and into the dark night, the icy blue sea extends at infinity where the danger arises in a glamour red.

Manu Reas staged a contemporary lifestyle inspired by the North Pole Icy atmosphere.

The guideline is the dream of Haute Couture which is worn with elegance.

Discover the photos I took directly from the front row.

Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-02 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-03 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-04 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-05 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-06 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-07 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-08 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-09 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-10 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-11 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-12 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-finale-01 Manu-Reas-Couture-Paris-2015-front-row-13 top-fashion-blogger-haute-couture-paris-fashion-week-peninsula-hotel top-fashion-blogger-haute-couture-paris-fashion-week-peninsula-hotel-02 top-fashion-blogger-valentina-nessi-peninsula-hotel-paris

More about my look in the next post


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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