Flowers and Jewels are romantic and chic at the same time.

I chose to wear this beautiful Ema Savahl Couture dress during the Film Festival because is chic, elegant, feminine, sensual, romantic and sexy at the same time.

I wore it for a very special occasion, the day of my interview with Fawaz Gruosi, the CEO & Creative Director of de Grisogono, swiss high jewelry brand. You can watch the video interview HERE.

De Grisogono is luxury, but at the same time very easy to wear. Those day I chose all about amethyst earring and watch, the Grappoli watch, that is matching perfectly with the dress.

Some people think that precious stones have a particular power energy, especially when wearing them they can transmit their energy and sometimes even curative.

Gemologists said that the purple amethyst have legendary powers to stimulate the mind and emotions, to make you more happy when you wear it.

The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated,” and comes from an ancient legend by the wine god Bacchus. Discover more about the legend and the power of amethyst on crystal-encyclopedia.com

I don’t know of the legendary power it’s true or not, but for sure this was a very special and happy day.

Enjoy the photo-shooting!

valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-jewels-02jpg ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-cannes-03 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-04 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-05 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-06 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-07 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-08 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-09 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-10 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-11 ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-12

valentina-nessi-waers-ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-13 valentina-nessi-wears-ema-savhal-dress-de-grisogono-jewels-14


Ema Savhal Couture Dress

de Grisogono Jewels

Photo credit: Francesco Bonanno

Location: de Grisogono terrace at the Martinez Hotel, Cannes

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