A Day with Fawaz Gruosi in Cannes


While in Cannes, during the Film Festival I had the opportunity to do a official interview to Fawaz Gruosi, the CEO and Creative Director of the swiss international renowned high jewelry brand de GRISOGONO.

Have a  conversation with Fawaz has been a little dream since I was young. I always has been attracted by his charming personality and creativity. I know him since two years and I can see how much passion and love he put in his job by creating every year unique piece of jewelry that make dreams women from all around the world.

I had the honor and pleasure to wear some jewels of de Grisogono collection, in particular way the Grappoli Watch adroned with amethyst. I was very curious about the inspiration of this watch, he told me that he took the inspiration from a flower. The Grappli collection exist in different colors,one more beautiful than the other.

The interview was mostly focused in Fawaz’s feeling during the Film Festival, why this event it’s so important to him and for the brand.

I let you discover the video-interview below and some photos we took at they terrace at the Martinez Hotel.

fawaz-gruosi-and-valentina-nessi-cannes-2015-official-interviewfawaz-gruosi-and-valentina-nessi-cannes-2015-official-02 fawaz-gruosi-and-valentina-nessi-cannes-2015-official-03fawaz-gruosi-vita-for-nepal-charity-projectjpg fawaz-gruosi-and-valentina-nessi-peace-and-love

fawaz-gruosi-de-grisogono-photocall-with-valentina-nessi-cannes-2015 fawaz-gruosi-de-grisogono-photocall-with-valentina-nessi-cannes-2015-02 fawaz-gruosi-de-grisogono-photocall-with-valentina-nessi-cannes-2015-03valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-photocall-cannes-film-festival-2015

valentina-nessi-for-ema-savhal-dress-and-de-grisogono-jewels-grappoli-watch-fashionista valentina-nessi-for-grappoli-watch-by-de-grisogono-purlple-amethyst-edition valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-jewellery-cannes-film-festival-2015-01 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-jewellery-cannes-film-festival-2015-02 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-jewellery-cannes-film-festival-2015-03 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-jewellery-cannes-film-festival-2015-04 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-jewellery-cannes-film-festival-2015-05



Ema Savhal dress

de Grisogono jewels

Photo credit: Francesco Bonanno

Location: de Grisogono Terrace, Martinez Hotel, Cannes

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