A Day with de GRISOGONO at Cannes Film Festival


Be in Cannes with de Grisogono for the Film Festival season it’s a pure luxury experience. I had the pleasure of being their guest at the de Grisogono terrace at the luxurious Hotel Martinez for a video interview and photo-shooting.

That day the sun was shining, I choose to wear a pink dress and a big hat to add a touch of vintage glam to the look. I love pink, and I love to wear hats. So this is one of my favorite look.

When the time to choose the jewelry for the photo-shooting has arrived, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear: the India Earring, that Bar Rafaeli, considered the most beautiful woman in the world, was wearing during the Opening Ceremony. Those beautiful earrings are made in mammoth Ivory and brown diamonds.

A master piece of de Grisogono collection is the Grappoli Watch, absolutely my favorite one.

Because is the Film Festival, more is more, so I chose to wear also the chiocciola necklace and ring in rose gold and pink sapphire. de Grisogono represent perfectly the atmosphere of the Film Festival season because is very colorful and joyful. I felt beautiful and happy to wear de Grisogono jewels. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience.

love-pink-and-de-grisogono-dior-valentina-nessi-01 de-grisogono-terrace-martinez-hotel-cannes-02 de-grisogono-chioccioli-ring-jewellery-shooting.03 de-grisogono-india-earrings-jewellery-shooting-04 de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-04b de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-04c de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-04d de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-05

de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-06 de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-07 de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-08 de-grisogono-jewellery-shooting-09 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-india-earrings-10 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-india-earrings-10b valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-india-earrings-11 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-india-earrings-12 valentina-nessi-for-de-grisogono-india-earrings-13 valentina-nessi-interview-for-de-grisogono interview-for-de-grisogono-01 interview-for-de-grisogono-02


de-grisogono-happy-diamonds-cannes-2015 valentina-de-grisogono-photocall-cannes-film-festival de-grisogono-terrace-cannes-2015 lady-in-pink-dress-hat


Sky Dress

de Grisogono Jewellery

Photo credit: Francesco Bonanno

Location: de Grisogono Terrace, Hotel Martinez, Cannes

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