DIVINE Valentina Nessi for de Grisogono 01

Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are Girl’s best friends”. I don’t know how much friendly jewels can be, but for sure jewels are beautiful and make every women even more beautiful.

It was such a honor for me to have to pleasure to wore those beautiful piece unique by de Grisogono High Jewellery, in diamonds and emeralds. The same jewels, that Cara Delevingne, wore during the Divine Party by de Grisogono at Eden Roc.

The color Green for me has a special meaning, that is “HOPE”

I hope that all my dreams come true,

I hope to be strong enough to fight the adversities of life,

I hope to be always happy and share my happiness with others,

I hope that my happiness can change the world

I hope,… I have so many High Hopes, that I hope the one life is enough to realize everything I want, to love everyone I love.

Green is such a powerful color and at the same time very natural. Green makes my soul in perfect harmony with the Universe. I believe that colors and stone have a special power when you wear it. I don’t know if this is scientific proved but if you believe it for sure some magic will happen.

Right after this photo-shooting my best friend call me to tell me that we got to invitation for the Red Carpet, movie premier of Woody Allen. You see, magic can happen. Just believe in what you want and all your dreams will become true.

DIVINE by de Grisogono 02 DIVINE 03 DIVINE 04 DIVINE 05 DIVINE by de Grisogono 06 DIVINE 07 DIVINE 08 DIVINE 09 DIVINE 10 DIVINE 11 DIVINE 12 grappoli watch by de grisogono DIVINE 13 DIVINE 14 Valentina Nessi for de Grisogono DIVINE 15 Valentina Nessi for de Grisogono DIVINE 16 DIVINE 17 DIVINE 18 DIVINE 19a DIVINE 19b DIVINE model for de Grisogono 20

Jewellery courtesy by de Grisogono

Dress V Couture

Photo Credit Francesco Bonanno

Location: de Grisogono terrace at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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