Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 – Day 5


My 5th day of Paris Fashion week was probably the most beautiful one and also the long one! I started my day at 8am in the morning to start to do hair & make up to be ready at 10am for the CHANEL Fashion show that as a tradition is take place at Grand Palais. A strange positive stress is in your body that make you feel so excited once you arrive inside Grand Palais. The location every year looks fabulous and it always a strong emotion to be there.

The new Chanel Spring Summer fashion show was absolutely fabulous, not only because is Chanel, but because was very colorful and artist, something different that the usual black & white. Right after the fashion show I had the opportunity to meet Daniela Falcao, Editor in Chief of Vogue Brazil and also Fashion icon Giovanna Battaglia.

On my way out to Grand Palais a mass of photographer starts to takes photos of me, honestly I was a little bit embarrassed, hopefully my personal Chanel Bodyguard  Jerome help me during this funny situation and I could safety found a taxi to go back home.

In the late afternoon I have been to VALENTINO Objects of Couture event where I met in person the creative directors of Valentino and they also sign me their book. I was so happy! After that I went to Valentin Yudashkin fashion cocktail event at Shangri-la Hotel and right after that I went to the famous Carine Roitfeld’s Mademosielle C private party event at Pavillon Ledoyen where the most beautiful celebrities was there from Ketty Perry to Kim Kardashian, from James Goldstein to Cara Delevingne and more… see all the photos here!

As I told yo this was the most beautiful and long Day from 8am in the morning until 5am the day after. I can not lie to you that the day after I was completely in a “fashion overdose” after this too many fashion events. Well I cannot complain too much because I really enjoyed every single moment of my day.

Enjoy the photos. Love V


chanel_spring_summer_2014_fashion_show 01

cara Delevingne opening Chanel Fashion show

chanel_spring_summer_2014_fashion_show 02

chanel_spring_summer_2014_fashion_show 03 chanel_spring_summer_2014_fashion_show 04

chanel_spring_summer_2014_fashion_show 05






Daniela Falcao


Giovanna Battaglia

pink_chanel_bag_bags JUSVUN-photography_vfashionworld 05s JUSVUN-photography_vfashionworld 01



with lovely Miroslava

Saint Laurent : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014

valentin_yudashkin_fashion_event 02 valentin_yudashkin_fashion_event_shangri-la 01 shangri-la_fashion_paris 02 shangrila-fashion_paris 01


carine_roitfeld_mademoiselle_c_party_elene_perminova 05

carine_roitfeld_mademoiselle_c_party_valentina_nessi 01


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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