Cinque Terre


My very first time I have been in Cinque Terre was in 2006 with my grand mother. We arrived by train and we visited Monterosso, Manarola and Riomaggiore. This time we took the Ferri boat from Lavagna port and I did a boat trip too see all the little village by the sea. Our first stop was in Vernazza where we did an hour tour of the little village.



We arrived in Vernazza from the sea, the village have many beautifu coloured houses, a beautiful square with tables of the restaurants and a wonderful church of Santa Margherita d’Antocchia (11th to 13th Century) that deserve to be seen.




Along the main street you can find those shops where every tourist, and myself too of course, can find the typical souvenirs and a classic italian Ice-cream.






Beside the small sandy bay in the harbor there is a stairs go up in the rocks until the fortification tower where there is a beautiful view of the village and the sea. You can join the others villages by boat or by train. I took the boat and I went to see the others villages only by sea with out any other stop. Next time I will go to visit another village so I have an excuse to come back.




Corniglia is a small village gripped to a rocky promontory about 120 yards above the sea level. Excluded from mass tourism, Corniglia is surely the most singular among the Cinque Terre, and walking around the streets, they told me, you can feel like traveling backward in time.




The village of Manarola is partially wedged in the valley of the river into the near steep rocky cliff. Walking through olive trees and vineyards you can arrive until the Sanctuary of N.S. della Salute founded during the 10th Century. Near the railway station in Manarola starts the famous Via Dell’Amore, leading up to Riomaggiore through a wonderful path carved into the rock hanging above the sea. This path was realized in the Twenties during improvement worked of the railway.




Edificated around the XII century by the habitants of the near villages, Riomaggiore has nowadays reached a remarkable size but it still keeps intact the enchantment of a fishing village, with it’s coloured houses of the Marina overlooked by the ruins of the Castle of 13th Century. In the high part of Riomaggiore you can find the Church of S. Giovanni Battista, founded in 1340. You can also find the Sanctuary of Montenero where there is a sightseen place over the Cinque Terre and over the coast.




Monterosso is the only village with a big sandy bay. In the ancient village, quite well conservated and dominated by the ruins of the old “Castrum” you will find the interesting Church of S.Giovanni Battista built between 1244 and 1307.




All the Cinque Terre are protected by UNESCO. I truly reccomand everyone to go there and visit the beauty of this old villages. Our beautiful boat trip took the end of the port of Lavangna around 6.30pm if you need more information about the boat trip you can check Here.



Flowers dress, vintage sunglasses, baglerina shoes and my own Valentina Nessi Jewelry earrings.

Photo credit: Stella Nessi

Location: Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy



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