Valentina Nessi making new Perfume


Hello dear readers yesterday I went to Grasse the Capitale of perfumes in the World to make my new perfume. It always has been my dream to make my brand and also my perfume collection so here I am during my stay in Cannes i took one day to visit the capital of perfume in Grasse where i visited the museum of perfume and then I took 2 hours of making my fragrance. Is not so simple to choose the right ingredients so I follow my instinct and I choose the essence that I prefer and make me feel good. I really love oriental essences so I chose a base of Ambre a second level more sweet as petal des roses and to finish the fragrance a little touch of fleur de lotus to give an aphrodisiac touch. Because the perfume is the first sight we feel in a person and for my point of view have to be seductive. So the seduction is the secret power of my perfume that will make every women seductive and attractive. The name of the perfume? Plasir du D├ęsert because is very warm and strong as oriental orgasmic pleasure.

At the moment exist only the 100m flacon the price is 165 Euro worldwide shipping. Make your order by contact me by email










Make your order by contact me by email

100 ml flacon price 165 Euro, shipping worldwide

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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