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Translation of the article in english:

The phenomenon of fashion blogging has gone from spreading and taking more  space in the fashion world and has reached extremely high levels. Young fashion lovers  with their camera and PC, over the past few years, have managed to conquer the fashion world by establishing new trends and occupying the front row of the most important shows around the world putting aside the newspaper industry, and thus becoming a point of reference for many people.

One of the most popular example of this phenomenon comes from Ticino (Switzerland) and her name is Valentina Nessi. She’s a young graduate in Fashion Business, and through her blog “”, started only a year ago, she was able to become a real star in the world of fashion. Now, the fashion icon Valentina Nessi never misses a fashion show, a glamorous event or a new collaboration. Valentina also organizes her own events and fashion shows. One of those took place last year in Paris, the capital of Haute Couture, in the occasion of the first  anniversary of her Website. Valentina organized a party followed by a fashion show in a very jet-set and glamour location of Paris. The dresses of the fashion show were landed by  the designer Duska Milosevic, who owns a boutique in Lugano called “different déjà vu.”

Valentina has great ambitions and many plans for the future. She also recently organized an event in New York City in a glamorous restaurant “Duo” on Madison Avenue.
As a true business woman, Valentina Nessi is now creating a line of jewelry and accessories that she’s already given a preview during the Cannes Film Festival. During the Festival, Valentina had the pleasure to meet the famous Salma Hayek, married to François Pinault, the owner of the PPR, and she really appreciated and liked her jewels.

Valentina Nessi has managed to turn a passion and adventure into a real job that keeps her occupied 24 hours a day.  She’s always traveling the World, either in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and she reveals that one of her next trips will be to China and Brazil.

Many people take Valentina Nessi as an example to follow, not only for her elegant and sophisticated style, but also as a model of a young businesswoman, acknowledging that if you put effort in your goals in life, you will be able to obtain them… and Valentina is the example.

You can follow the adventures of Valentina and her Fashion world
on his blog
Facebook: / vfashionworld
Instagram: @ valentinanessi


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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