Spotted on by Fashion blogger Carolina Engman!

Thank you so much for this beautiful photo sweetie! This is a wonderful souvenir of our Fashion Week in New York.

Carolina and Aimee are some of my favorite fashion bloggers! The most funny part of that day at the Lincoln Center was that the 3 of us was wearing a blu dress. To see more detail of this day in New York city CLICK HERE and if you want to see Carolina Engman NYFW Photo Diary Click Here.  She also share our photo on her facebook page, so sweet! The same day I was also spotted by shoemocracy as you can see here.

Last photo by shoemocracy

You can also see the VIDEO of my NYFW below! (the images of this day are at 1.20 min) Enjoy!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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