Today I went to the Private Sale organized by LANVIN, that was my first time so I was very curious to see what they offer and especially to see the organization. Already the place chosen by Lanvin was not in Paris center, but the limit of the suburbs to the Malakoff 92240 arondissement.

There was no line that Metro brought there low so I had to take a taxi. The place was not best but once I got there a bodyguard facing the entrance, there was an hostess who check the invitation because it was a private sale event only with invitation. A Foit presented the invitation there was a mandatory cloakroom where each person had to leave his own jacket and bag. So here we can say that it was still a good service, even if not very smart. Once returned to the interior retail space was huge, it looks a big storehouse of all outlet out clothes, shoes and accessories was poorly exposed, very disorder, there was a great confusion. Shoes and clothing was divided by size, so fairly easy to find your own size, but it was about even very disorganize. Many dresses down and damaged.

There was no sale or service that could advise you. The only pair of shoes that I loved well they had lost the second pair, the only dress that I had loved, the only one I found attractive in the whole store there had at least fifthly or more all the same. it looked like to be at H&M, or worse because I think H&M is more organized and there is a better service. Yes it was a sale “outlet” but the price was not given. He’ll put dresses and handbags 200 or 300 Euros poorly presented as if it were the goods to 3 Euro. When I touched the quality and I saw the same dresses damaged in such a price I said, how is it possible that there are people even as they buy, they may be blind?! Anyway I did not have a good impression at all. The Brand always to many efforts to build a strong brand image of luxury Image and after with a single event like this they destroyed all their Image.

My message I want to convey is to always be sure of you buy, that the Brand is not always a guarantee of quality. Open your eyes before you make the purchase. that’s my advice!


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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