I love Fashion but I love chocolate too. Tonight I’m at home and I’m watching again the movie CHOCOLAT. I can watch this movie several times and I will be never tired. The movie follows a single mother and her six-year-old daughter when they move to rural France and open a chocolate shop, during Lent, across the street from the local church. They are met with some skepticism. They coax the towns-people into enjoying their delicious products, aqnd win them over. Who wouldn’t be won over by a movie starring Johnny Depp! Well Johnny is not the only reason because I love the movie, what I like to most about this movie is the concept behind the story, mostly of the people think that in this world we have to follow the rules, the rules of the society “you have to be like this”, “you have to do like that”, “you can’t to that”… so you know what I say “Fuck the rules!”, “Fuck what other people think about you!” Live your life, always do what you like and what make you happy because there is no tomorrow if you are not happy in your present. Live the “Carpe Diem” because is the best way to enjoy every minutes of life because I believe that sometimes some amazing opportunities show up and it’s good to take the chances. My suggestion is to never stop to dream and to follow your heart. My blog brought me so much, and I feel like I have learned so many things out of this whole experience, I travel a lot, I met new people and friends. I want to see where this road will lead me and simply enjoy the occasions which will show up.

I really work hard this first year of blogging, I am very happy that I have reached all the goals, one of the most important of this adventure was the event of the first anniversary of my blog. I must say that the chocolate cake was delicious and made ​​the evening even more extraordinary. I’m still working on many new projects for next year, I hope that you will appreciate. Now I will show you some photos that have a special meaning in my life, like my birthday and also some photos of my favorite desserts & cakes.

The eighteenth birthday of my sister

The presentation of my new Jewelry collection at Eden Roc Cap d’Antibes with Salma Hayek following by a little chocolate cake. CLICK HERE to see more

little chocolate dessert at Eden Roc

Alber Elbaz & Lanvin birthday Party. CLICK HERE to see more.

Laduree, I guess that every girls in the world love it!

Munger cakes

Dolci tipici italiani da Giannino & lemon sorbet with pink caramel sugar

petit déjeuner chez Carette

Chocolate massage at Villa Sassa SPA

but the best of the best is my grand-mom tiramisu.

And for you what is your favorite dessert?

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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