CHRIS BROWN Live Performance at GOTHA Club Cannes

Hello people, I’m finally back to Cannes after two wonderful weeks in Ibiza and Formentera. Finally I have wifi so I can upload all my photos, I have so many to show you. Let’s start with yesterday night. I attended at Chris Brown live performance at Gotha Club in Cannes. The Performance was pretty good, but it was quite short, only 30 minutes. By the way I had a wonderful position to see the performance directly from the VIP area. Special guest of the night was also Paris Hilton, but when Chris Brown arrived at 2am all the attentions was on him only. Enjoy the photos and the video.

Salut à tout le monde, finalement je suis retournée à Cannes après deux semaine magnifiques à Ibiza e Formentera. Finalement j’ai la connection wifi à la maison ici et je peut upload mon blog; j’ai tellement beaucoup des photos à vous montrer. On commence par hier soir, j’ai attendu à la live performance de Chris Brown au Gotha Club à Cannes. La performance c’était bien même si n’a pas duré long temps, environ 30 minutes. J’ai quant même apprécié la performance vu que par le carré VIP. Special guest de la soirée était aussi Paris Hilton, mais quand Chris Brown est arrivé tous les attentions sont tombé que pour lui. Enjoy the photos and the video.

After the party looking at the view of all Cannes in the top of Californie Hills.

I was wearing colorful flowers dress by H&M, Pink flower bag by Morgan de toi.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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