New Rabito I-phone cover

Hello to everyone, I still have a post to put about my days in Milano from last week. Finally I got a new I-Phone and since many month I wanted to get the new Rabito cover. I found that at Armani store in via Manzoni. How do you find my new cover? isn’t so cute?!

Ciao a tutti, ho ancora un post da mettere riguardo il mio shopping a Milano la scorsa settimana. Finalmente ho comprato un nuovo I-phone e già da mesi desideravo la rabito cover a forma di coniglietto con orecchie e coda in pon-pon e finalmente l’ho trovata all’Armani store in via Manzoni. Come la trovate questa mia nuova cover?

I was wearing new sara turquoise pants, Turquoise polo ralph lauren, yellow cashmere sweather, beige leather jacket, GUCCI Bag and Dolce&Gabbana eyeglasses; and of course the pink rabito I-phone cover.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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