Hello to everyone, before yesterday I was in Milano, I was walking on via Montenapoleone, the most luxury fashion street in Milano, and I met a Lady all in PINK with a wonderful SKULL BAG, I immediatly ask her where she got it and she told me the name of the street “via Solferino” I didn’t know where is, so I put it on google map and after 15 min walking I finnaly found the store. It seems to me to be in a small fashion wonderland boutique, so many colorful stuff. I was very lucky that I found the last SKULL BAG in pink, others colors was aviable, as orange and blue.

Ciao a tutti, ieri sono stata a Milano, camminando in via Montenapoleone, la via della Moda di Milano, ho incontrato una signora vestita di rosa con una bellissima borsa rosa con una testa da morto in swarowski. Le ho immediatamente chiesto dove l’ha comprata e lei gentilmente mi ha dato il nome della via “via Solferino” non sapendo dove si trovava ho messo la via su google map e dopo 15 minuti ho finalmente trovato il negozio. Sono stata molto fortunata a trovare l’ultima borsa rosa con il teschio, ma altri colori erano disponibili come l’arancio e il blu.


Do you like my choise? Come trovate la mia scelta?

My best friend PINK SKULL T-shirt! I love it!!

and to complete the look…my new TARINA TARANTINO Pink Skull earrings


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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