Baccarat Cristal Room Paris


Welcome to Baccarat Cristal Room in Paris

Yestarday I went for dinner at the Cristal Room Restaurant  inside the Baccarat Building for my father’s birthday. The entire building that covers almost 3000 m2 was entirely relooked by Philippe Starck. The decor is really special with many mirrows and a wonderful light effect that gives a magical atmospher. Moreover, there are very small lights on the carpet on the stairs that seem as if they were little crystals. The restaurant is situated on the first floor and there are 2 different rooms. the firt, which is the main one, has a majestic fireplace and many wide mirrows. The second room is smaller and it’s a private room with only one talbe dacorated in white and black.

For this special occasion I choose to wear a black vintage dress with cyistals to be in harmony with the place.



The menu of the restaurant was quite limited with only 4 entries and 4 main courses. The meals were very delicious and sophisticated.


After the delicious dinner we went to visit the Baccarat Museum called Baccarat Galerie-Musée, which stays open until very late only for the guests of the restaurant, for everybody else, the Museum is open everyday from 9 to 6pm.





Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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