VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Gold Label Autumn-Winter 2012-13

Every year Vivienne Westwood impresses me with her creativity and cultural background. This new collection take inspiration from thw 17th century this was a century of great changes and drama, it was an age of the amateur and of the rugged individualistm, in this  century British people forget its national identity, not only politically but also commercially. Vivenne Westwood wanted looking back to the heroes of the past because they looked so incredible in their clothes-artist. As Vivienne Westwood say to me during our quite chat “I want people to shine with human dignity and nobility. By engaging with human genius I have tried to capture the past in my fashion. I see Fashion as a proposal, a way for people to look more wonderful”. Honestly I was touched by these words, I always love the concept behind her collection because among fashion she want transmitting values. Returning to the collection I really loved the mix of cuts and the structured corsets. Women are always on a stage when they care about the clothes they wear. The make up and the hair was inspired by the romantic heroines of Rubens.

Vivienne Westwood message: “Can London swithch of the lights that are left on all night in empty building and therfore help to stop climate change, especially by covering the message that we must change our habits to save our planet. 

As usual after the show I’m going to the backstage with all Vivienne Westwood team, I always met the same people like James Goldstein, he’s everywhere, Susanne Bratsch and many others. After the cocktail at the backstage I went to Vivienne Westwood showroom to see the dress in the details and have dinner with the Vivienne Westwood team.

and now at Vivienne Westwood showroom 

I really love spend time with all the Vivienne Westwood team, they are so lovely and nice, I the most important thing they live their life in a wonderful concept of respect each others, keep the creativity and the positive energie of artist and intellectuals unite. Everytime I spend time with them i feel a strong positive energie that make my mind more creative and my actions in the right direction to make the World better.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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